RealPresence Clariti

Connecting colleagues visually, from any device, anywhere As your workforce continues to expand across the globe, it’s important to ensure everyone remains engaged and productive. Connecting colleagues with RealPresence Clariti allows everyone to see each other and share ideas visually no matter what device or technology they are using. From on premises, cloud and managed cloud service deployment to hardware or software delivery and perpetual or subscription models, RealPresence Clariti meets your organization’s unique requirements. 

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Video Product Orientation (01:20 mins)
Polycom Video
RealPresence Clariti Overview (03:46 mins)


Preparing for your Polycom installation (08:03 mins)
Dynamically Managing Endpoints
Dynamically Managing Endpoints (02:47 mins)
Creating VMRs
Creating VMRs (05:17 mins)
Modifying RealConnect Conference Settings
Modifying RealConnect Conference Settings (01:55 mins)
Creating Provisioning Profiles
Creating Provisioning Profiles (04:43 mins)
Preparing to call Polycom Support (02:42 mins)


Joining a Virtual Meeting Room (01:44 mins)
Joining a Polycom RealConnect Conference (01:23 mins)
Scheduling a RealPresence Web Suite (02:57 mins)
Chairperson Features in RealPresence Web Suite (02:22 mins)
Scheduling a Polycom RealConnect Conference (01:09 mins)
Joining a Realpresence Web Suite Conference (02:09 mins)
MCU Pools & MCU Pool Orders
MCU Pools & MCU Pool Orders (05:46 mins)
Adding a Group Series Endpoint (02:24 mins)

Software Interface

Distributed Media Applications (DMA) Interface
Distributed Media Applications (DMA) Interface (05:00 mins)
RealPresence Resource Manager Interface (05:33 mins)
RealPresence Collaboration Server (RMX) Interface (05:35 mins)
RealPresence Access Director Interface (02:34 mins)
RealPresence Web Suite Interface (04:40 mins)
RealAccess Analytics Service (06:32 mins)


Security Best Practices (01:47 mins)
Basic ACL's in RealPresence Access Director (03:58 mins)

Service and Support

Basic Call Troubleshooting (04:04 mins)
Registering for Polycom Security Bulletins (00:53 mins)
Gathering Logs for Support
Gathering Logs for Support (00:41 mins)