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Poly Studio X30

Poly Studio X30 Video Bars deliver radical simplicity in a small and elegant package. You can huddle happy in smaller rooms and connect easy in conference rooms -- whatever video collaboration software you use. Experience room filling audio, advanced camera capabilities, and wireless content sharing that you can fling your content onto in seconds, all miniaturized into one sleek bar.  

Only use software version 5.9.3 AA or later when pairing Polycom Trio 8500, Polycom Trio 8800 or Poly Trio C60 with Poly Studio X or Poly G7500 systems software version 3.1 or later.

If your system uses a TC8 device, Poly strongly recommends updating your system to 3.1.0. After upgrading to Poly VideoOS 3.3.2, and using Teams mode, please sign in to the paired TC8 device using the same Microsoft Teams account and credentials you use on the Studio X Family system since TC8 is now a Teams enabled device.

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