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Converged Management Application (CMA) Desktop


Polycom is announcing the end of life and support for Polycom CMA Desktop. The software application will move to maintenance-only mode until 01/07/2015 where it will receive bug fixes, and troubleshooting assistance for one year. After the EOL date, we will continue PGS service and support until 01/07/2017.

All current CMA Desktop customers should migrate their CMA Desktop application to RealPresence Desktop for Windows or Mac OS X. Existing CMA Desktop customers are eligible to migrate to the RealPresence Desktop at no additional cost.

To migrate to CMA Desktop without retaining the CMA Desktop data, simply uninstall CMA Desktop and install RealPresence Desktop. The active management license (from CMA or RealPresence Resource Manager) used for CMA Desktop for service and support can be used to support RealPresence Desktop.

To provision the migration of CMA Desktop 5.2.2 and greater to RealPresence Desktop and retain the CMA Desktop data, use the CMA Desktop to RealPresence Desktop Migration Package below. BE SURE TO READ THE RELEASE NOTES FOR THIS MIGRATION PACKAGE TO UNDERSTAND THE LIMITATIONS OF THIS MIGRATION.

RealPresence Desktop for Windows and Apple Mac OS X is a powerful, enterprise-grade collaboration app that extends video collaboration beyond the typical conference room setting to mobile professionals.

RealPresence Desktop can be freely downloaded from the product support page at:

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Please Note: Polycom recommends all customers upgrade to CMAD for Mac OS X version 5.2.5 or later.Please refer to the Release Note for details.

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