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Zero Touch Provisioning Solution

Zero Touch Provisioning is a cloud based provisioning solution offered by Polycom to partners to make it easier to deploy VoIP Devices (Sound Point IP, SoundStation IP, VVX and SpectraLink families of products). By using ZTP, partners will enjoy reduced OpEx costs because it removes the need to either "open the box" at a distribution center or send skilled technicians to the customer site to enter pre-provisioning information through the phone's UI or web interface. This Polycom solution is primarily focused on Service Provider deployments and fits easily into existing activation and provisioning processes.

Here's how it works: When a Polycom VoIP device is initially installed at the customer site, it will automatically contact the Polycom ZTP server and download an initial configuration, including the address of the Service Provider or enterprise provisioning server. This solution offering is consistent with Polycom's vision of "simple device deployment."

  • Accessing Zero Touch Provisioning:
    • Login:
    • Request a login:

      • Must be Certified to sell and support Polycom VoIP products
      • Review and sign License Agreement
      • Send completed license agreement to your Polycom sales Representative or Email to
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ZTP Introductory Training
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