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RealPresence Resource Manager

The RealPresence Resource Manager system is a management solution that provides unified management of the Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti™ and video and audio endpoints. Unified management features include license management, monitoring, conference scheduling, and provisioning of Polycom video infrastructure products and as well as both Polycom and third-party endpoints within your environment.

The RealPresence Resource Manager system is available in an Appliance Edition (software packaged to be hosted on a server) and a Virtual Editon (software packaged for virtual hosts).


When you upgrade to RealPresence Resource Manager 10.0 and later, you must use the RealPresence Resource Manager system to license supported products. Please carefully review the RealPresence Resource Manager System release notes and upgrade guide.

  • Upgrade paths as outlined in the Release Notes must be followed.
  • RPONE AND RP a-la-carte are no longer supported licenses in DMA version 10.0 and later. Only Clariti (using RPRM) licensed system or a CFS (using license file) licensed system are supported with DMA 10.x (See DMA Operations Guide, Licensing section). Contact your Poly partner for assistance with migration from RPOne and RP a-la-cart licenses to Clarity licenses.

WARNING! DO NOT attempt to upgrade your RPRM if you are unaware of your Service Contract has expired. The system will check entitlement only after an upgrade procedure has taken place. If your Service Contract has expired and the version upgraded to is not within your valid version window, you Clariti Solution will not process calls. To check version window, you can login with your Polycom License Center account and reference the RPRM Previous Releases tab.