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RealPresence Platform Director

RealPresence Platform Director provides the flexibility to deploy and monitor the RealPresence Platform, Virtual Edition and RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite, using general purpose hardware in an organization’s data center or in the cloud.

IMPORTANT: The RealPresence Platform Director 1.7 or higher is required and license the following Polycom RealPresence Platform product versions: RealPresence Resource Manager, Virtual Edition 8.2, Polycom RealPresence DMA, Virtual Edition 6.1 and RealPresence Access Director, Virtual Edition 4.0.

The RealPresence Platform Director application(s) available for download are governed by the terms of an End User License Agreement (EULA). By downloading, installing or using the RealPresence Platform Director application(s), you agree to comply with the applicable EULA terms, addendum(s) and conditions.

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