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The CX5500 Unified Conference Station with the new touchscreen sensor (part number 2201-64374-100) is ONLY supported by software version 1.1.5 or later. You cannot downgrade the software to a version earlier than 1.1.5. However, if you perform a factory restore on the system to a version earlier than 1.1.5, the touchscreen will not work. To restore touchscreen functionality, upgrade the system to version 1.1.5 or later. Refer to the Release Notes for version 1.1.5 for more information.

The CX5100/CX5500 USB driver (published in November 2017) is not mandatory and must be used only when the USB interfaces introduced by the CX5100 or CX5500 system cannot be recognized by Windows PC. The driver installation is exactly same as the general Windows driver installation. For more information, please refer the release notes of software version 1.3.1.