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Support Portal Assistance

The Power of Support.Polycom.com!

In our efforts to make it easy to do business with Polycom, Polycom Global Services have significantly invested and enhanced the support.polycom.com features. These new features are designed to be easy to use, save time and allow our Partners and Customers to perform all support activities online.

To help you gain the most from your Support Portal experience, we have compiled a list of common Support Portal issues that will help answer your questions.

 Browser Issues / Pop-Up Blockers

This site works best with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8, and Google Chrome.

This site requires pop-ups to function properly. Please set your browser to allow pop-ups at http://support.polycom.com/PolycomService/home/home.htm

This can be accomplished by:

Temporarily turning off pop-up blockers while using our site.


Allowing pop-ups on a more permanent basis by updating browser settings.

In Internet Explorer:

  1. Go to Tools » Internet Options
  2. Choose the Privacy tab
  3. In the 'Web Sites' section click 'Edit...'
  4. In Address of Web Site, enter 'eservice.polycom.com' and click Allow
  5. Click OK
  6. Click OK
 User Registration / Login Questions
 Technical Support Inquiries

To solve your product inquiries please visit our knowledgebase.

For inquiries related to troubleshooting or seeking return or repair please open a service request.

Please Note: First contact the Service Provider you have contracted for service and support. When contacting Polycom for technical assistance, your Polycom product serial number will be required.

Support on out of warranty or out of contract products and issues may be charged. To reach Technical Support or Repair Services by phone, please contact us

 Product Sales Inquiries

For product sales information please fill out a request.

To reach a sales representative by phone:

North & South America
1-800-765-9266 option 1
Hours of operation are Monday - Friday 6:00AM - 4:30PM PST

Europe, Middle East, & Africa (EMEA)
+44 (0) 1753 723 282

Australia and New Zealand +61 2 9978 8000 | India +91 0124486160| Indonesia 00180-365-7330
Rest of Asia (+ IDD International Direct Dial access) +800-2-7659266

Mexico, Central America & Caribbean +52-55- 8421-110 | Llamada sin costo 01 800 52 765 9266
Brazil +55-11-3443-7936 | Toll Free 0800 725 7526
Argentina +54-11-4259-8103 | Peru +511-211-2666 | Chile +562 273 8923

 Product Activation/Upgrade
 Product Registration

We apologize for the inconvenience but our “Product Registration” functionality does not allow the registration of software products. If you are trying to activate and retrieve key code for your M100 or PVX, please go to Product Activation/Upgrade.

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